Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...we have a tie...

...which is a little like floating around in space, unsure of what exactly is going on. Here are three different options:

1. Let it stand as a tie.
2. As per Jeff's suggestion, let this role into overtime and bring back Steve, Kevin, and Dwight to help break it.
3. Wait until one of us switches sides the way the characters from The Office do when debating whether Hilary Swank is hot.

I'm cool with whatever, but if you guys don't tell me what you want, I'll just pick an option like the ruthless dictator you all know I can be.

Any other suggestions? Also, let me know if you are up for the one album a piece coda...

This is fun.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The End?

As per Karl's request, here is the breakdown:

Those who voted for Spiritualized and The Stones


Those who voted for Waits and The Stones:


Those who voted for The Band and Waits:


Those who voted for the Band and Spiritualized:


So, The Band and Spiritualized move on. I'll be honest--I was pretty happy with the result, but I'm also aware that the chances of The Band taking Spiritualized down are pretty slim. It's interesting to me that the remaining albums are actually pretty highly seeded. Spiritualized is a #1 and The Band are a #4. I am going to futilely attempt to convince some of you that The Band is worth voting for soon. In the meantime, kudos to Sarah for having her #1 pick go so far (you can be sure I wouldn't be saying this if it had gone another round). She was one of the only ones not to have her #1 knocked out almost immediately. Speaking of which, if anyone is interested (and my guess is few will be), we could do a small death match coda where everyone gets to pick one album (maybe your #1 that got knocked out too soon or something you forgot to put on your list or something you think more people should hear) and those ten or eight or however many will compete for a bonus honorary slot. I bring this up because Eric has mentioned the Kinks a lot lately, and I feel a lot of deserve another shot with our faves. On the other hand, if most of you are sick of all this, and want to move on with your lives, I get it. Let me know either way.

Let the final voting begin.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Final four yo

Alright, we are down to it folks. Four remaining albums. We've got The Band vs. Sticky Fingers and Mule Variations vs. Ladies and Gents. The winners will then face off.

Here's what we're going to do. Everyone has thought about or listened to each of these records recently, so we're gonna do both match-ups at once. Give me a vote between The Band and The Stones, and give me a vote between Mr. Waits and Mr. Spaceman. I'm just gonna wait until everyone gets a vote in because I have faith y'all will do it sooner than later. I mean, it's not that hard, right?

Again, feel free to try and sway others before they vote if you like.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Final choice for this round

Looks like Mr. Waits won this round pretty handily. But he's going to have to face either Spiritualized or Bob Dylan in the final four. So, Ladies and Gentlemen vs. Blood on the Tracks...

I'm looking forward to this because a) I think it's going to be close b) they're both great albums c) I forget...

Let's have votes in by Wednesday. I think Sarah or Bruce should write a nice lengthy note on why Blood on the Tracks should win, and someone else (Jeff?) on why Ladies and Gents should take it.

Also, I haven't done points in a while, and that's so that that doesn't really sway any votes. I will do it later. I honestly have no idea how everyone is doing, but I imagine Dwight is making quite a comeback (Mule Variations was his call and he picked Ladies and Gents too).

Have fun!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving On...

It looks like Karl's girlie move of abstaining means Sticky Fingers wins (is it just me or does everyone else feel like he's been dry-humping his whole way through this tournament?). I voted for the Stones, but I feel like this whole last match-up was kind of a cluster-cuss. I guess this is the kind of drama we should expect in the final rounds...

Anyhoo, the next match-up is between Arcade Fire and Tom Waits--a match-up that is so boring, I'm thinking about starting drugs just to help me get through it.

When's a reasonable time to get these votes in? I think most of us are pretty darn familiar with both albums, so how about by Saturday? Remember, you don't have to listen to them both a million times, and sweat painfully over this. If you feel like you know both records, just think about it and vote. I swear some of you agonize over this more than you do a real election.

Okay, obviously I'm feeling punchy. I'll quit now.