Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...we have a tie...

...which is a little like floating around in space, unsure of what exactly is going on. Here are three different options:

1. Let it stand as a tie.
2. As per Jeff's suggestion, let this role into overtime and bring back Steve, Kevin, and Dwight to help break it.
3. Wait until one of us switches sides the way the characters from The Office do when debating whether Hilary Swank is hot.

I'm cool with whatever, but if you guys don't tell me what you want, I'll just pick an option like the ruthless dictator you all know I can be.

Any other suggestions? Also, let me know if you are up for the one album a piece coda...

This is fun.


  1. i think we should try to get kevin, dwight, and steve to pick...if they don't want to, i'd just as soon leave it as a tie...

    also, i'm in for the one album apiece coda

  2. FYI: I think Kev won't be able to since he's in Central America for the next 2 or 3 weeks. But it may be worth a shot.

  3. I could just decide for Kevin, if that makes it easier.

    I'm in for the coda, but could we call it an addendum instead?

  4. So all that work, and the whole thing just sputters to a stall like this...Ugh. This ain't the friggin' Music World Cup 2010, people...No draws here...One of those albums has got to go...I need some closure...Maybe we should scrap these two albums and take the other two Final Four picks...See if the Stones vs. Waits could give us a winner...I think it could...I still can't believe Wilson second-guessed himself on the Stones...Because of zwartitude's "persuasive essay"...Good grief.

  5. Has an extra judge been found? If not, I propose a suggestion offered under the table by Wilson (Don't ask what he was doing under the table...Just because your grandma wouldn't approve of his lifestyle choices doesn't make it wrong or weird.) Perhaps we should go back to the Final Four and have everyone pick THE WINNER from those 4 choices...I do think this could get us and end result, you know, a happy ending...but there I go talking about Wilson under the table again. Hee- haw.

  6. Weird, it's like a reverse runoff.

    How about we do it 12-angry-men style: Nobody leaves until we pick a winner.

  7. Where is zwartitude?

    Also, I'd prefer to call it a postscript.

  8. Hey folks,

    Sorry, I was up in Marathon, Ontario somewhere north of Whispering Pines. So since I'm the moderator, I have decided that any tie automatically goes to the Canadians. Hmmmm, maybe that's not fair. How about ties are decided by alphabetical order? Just a few suggestions....Okay, I will try and see if Kev, Steve, and Dwight can help us out. In the meantime, if people want to do the single album post-script, create a post with a short description of why you like the album you chose.