Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving On...

It looks like Karl's girlie move of abstaining means Sticky Fingers wins (is it just me or does everyone else feel like he's been dry-humping his whole way through this tournament?). I voted for the Stones, but I feel like this whole last match-up was kind of a cluster-cuss. I guess this is the kind of drama we should expect in the final rounds...

Anyhoo, the next match-up is between Arcade Fire and Tom Waits--a match-up that is so boring, I'm thinking about starting drugs just to help me get through it.

When's a reasonable time to get these votes in? I think most of us are pretty darn familiar with both albums, so how about by Saturday? Remember, you don't have to listen to them both a million times, and sweat painfully over this. If you feel like you know both records, just think about it and vote. I swear some of you agonize over this more than you do a real election.

Okay, obviously I'm feeling punchy. I'll quit now.


  1. Karl definitely didn't dryhump this one...he went all the way...

  2. AHY!!

    I don't know how I managed not to include Mr. Waits at all in my picks. This isn't my favorite of his, but it's still pretty great. I'm going with Mule Variations.

    Sarah and I are going to be on vacation until the 14th with sporadic internet access, so if a decision gets to the point that you're waiting on us, could someone text or call us and we'll decide? We'll have all the remaining music with us.


  3. File "Funeral" under "Critically acclaimed indie music that just doesn't do it for me". This was actually my first listen all the way through the whole album. No thank you. Wilson's right: There is an edgy Rusted Root vibe going on here. And what's with Canadian art rockers having like 15 people in a band? Good grief.

    It's worth noting that while listening to "Funeral", I became very undone over the fact that THIS beat out "Exile on Main Street". Really? Seriously? Even if you don't LOVE "Exile...", it still seems like a stretch to me. Especially if you can appreciate the Stones enough to nominate "Goat's Head Soup" and have "Sticky Fingers" knock out the Beatles' greatest album. I'm doing my best at smack talk here, people. Bruce, consider yourself added to my own personal Colbert Report-style "On Notice" board ;)

    File "Mule Variations" under "Decent Album by a Great Artist". I would have picked "Rain Dogs", "Bone Machine", or "Blood Money" over this, but it'll have to do.

    Tom Waits gets my vote.

  4. P.S. Congratulations, Karl, on ejaculating your response in such a timely manner! Dryhumping be damned!

  5. mule variations- i never got this when it came out, despite the fact that it got pretty good reviews...just picked it up on emusic a few weeks ago...listened to "come on up to the house" a bunch whilst driving to and from work...finally listened to the whole thing last night...i would give it a A-...there not really a bad song on it...i like some of the more straightforward stuff like "hold on" and "get behind the mule" the best...the aforementioned "come on up to the house" is an excellent example of tom waits' rowboat view of god, where god is in a rowboat, rowing about a lake picking up all us lowlifes and plopping us safely in the boat with him...he is such an original in that he is not like the other and the other is not like him...mule variations doesn't really break any new ground, but it does nothing to tarnish that reputation...overall, bone machine is probably my favorite of his oeuvre...

    funeral- got this outta curiosity back in probably 2006...i basically like this album...i think it's cool when he says "bedrooms of our friends" in the first song...overall, i'm not too into the emo aspects of this seems like they are carrying on about something real serious and powerful, but it never becomes apparent to me what that something is...this keeps me from going "dryhump to wethump" with this music...i like it and i'm usually up for it, but after about 10 minutes i'm ready to settle down with a hot pizza...

    i kinda wish both of these were dead...winner: mule variations

  6. 1) You guys are funny.

    2) "Your matriarchal ancestor has a certain resemblance to a cetacean. That is how large she is!"

    3) Someone give a pity vote to Arcade Fire here.

    4) Does "AHY" stand for something? I checked urbandictionary. I think it might stand for the cry that one makes when seeing one's parents wethumping.

    5) Number (2) is supposed to be an extension of Mr. New Dad making fun of himself for trash-talking. Not sure that came across. It's one of my chief forms of humor: Taking someone else's joke and extending it.

    6) You said "extending it."

  7. Tom Waits = overrated

    Arcade Fire = overrated

    Tome Waits = less overrated

    Tom Waits wins. I guess I don't think he's that overrated, but sometimes I feel like his whole persona/schtick gets in the way of the actual music. It's like if you don't dig his persona, it's going to be hard to like his tunes. But then again, his very best songs transcend this, which is why Rod Stewart could cover him.

    Basically, I'm with Eric on this. I love me a great Canadian collective (I still can't believe Broken Social didn't go on further considering a lot of the crap that did), but it is absolutely unbelievable to me that Funeral beat out the Velvet Underground and Exile. I don't want to point fingers, but my fingers are pointed directly at Bruce.

    Andy, you're on emusic? We should become emusic buddies!

  8. I can't believe either of these albums made it this far. I do think Tom Waits is over-rated. Even more so than the Arcade Fires. I'm going to be the one that puts in a losing vote for (my own) Funeral

  9. a little under an hour ago i received the following statement in a text message from Hobo Bruce: "No internet. Could you post sarah's pick? Tom waits."

    i'm not sure who Tom is or what he is waiting for...

  10. Eric - it's an honor to be on notice with you.